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Signs- Card of the Day- Wednesday 11/25/15

Signs Card of The Day- Wednesday 11/25/15

Healing with Angels


You have asked your Guides and Angels for Signs about the things going on in your life. The thing is paying attention to the SIGNS they are sending. It is in the little everyday things that these Signs come to you.

You have asked for a Sign and they will deliver the signs, just TRUST. Paying attention to the evidence of your Guides answers and Signs is very important.

When ever I draw this card I know without a doubt that my Angels are hard at work within my life and things are changing for the better. Seeing the Card will also give you the message that the things you are asking for are starting to happen and that this is one of Your Signs as well.

Signs can be the simplest of things, a butterfly, a song heard several times, a picture that keeps crossing your path, numbers that you see over and over. There are too many to list but watch for them, and you will see the Signs and understand.

For your Psychic Reading with Juliana, call or text today 1-314-814-0154, set your appointment time.

Let Juliana's Spirit Guides help you see what is right before you and help you to understand the Signs you are seeing.

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Psychic Juliana

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