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Goodbye 2022; Hello 2023

Goodbye 2022;

Hello 2023


Well leaving 2022 behind is surely a relief even if we do find ourselves in the beginning of the New Year, in a Mercury Retrograde!

We just need to hold on just a little bit until January 18th, then let the post shadow days pass and then start to build our visions of 2023 for ourselves.


While we are in Mercury Retrograde it would be very helpful and advisable to spiritually cleanse your space and truly get ready for the entirety of 2023.


The first best thing to do would be to declutter your living space! You will notice how much lighter you feel when your space is a touch more organized. It doesn’t all have to be done in one day. Take one room per day and declutter and organize. Clean up a little and perhaps even use essential oils to really help you feel better about your accomplishment. Then do a room each day.

The second thing that would be helpful is to sage each room as they are done and to sage the living space as a whole once all spaces are decluttered.

Third on the list would be setting of intentions if you haven’t already done so. Now is an excellent time to work on a vision board. Along with your vision board it is a good time to start a journal. It would be helpful to reflect on what was the one thing that didn’t get accomplished last year;  Perhaps put this close to the top of your list  for this year, of your intentions.

In your journal look for ways to institute new healthy rituals and keep yourself accountable with your journal.

The fourth thing on your list is easy and relaxing and should be done weekly. Cleanse your aura with a nice salt bath soak. Bath bombs are good too. I prefer Dr.Teal’s bath salts personally. Dumping the water from a cup over and over myself until I just feel tired. When I feel tired I know my aura has released as much negative energy as is possible for this session.

Enjoy your “Aura Cleanse”, light candles play some favorite music. This can really help elevate your mood when done on a regular basis.

Fifth I personally use sound therapy from YouTube pages. Simply search “music to align chakras”, or “music to release anxiety”; whatever your situation there is a sound therapy for you.


These things will help you to start a New Year in a productive way, help you set intentions and continue to make them rituals.


Have a great 2023, I’m always here to help and support you in any kind of reading or crystal energy you need help with.


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