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Crystals- Sunday Card of the Day

Crystals Sunday  Card of the Day

Angel Therapy Cards



Crystals are from the mineral kingdom, these powerful minerals

emit energy. They also magnify or bring energies to you.

For instance Rose Quartz and Pink Peruvian Opals bring love to you.

Peridot and Malachite bring money to you. Blue beryl brings safe travel.

There are so many crystals, that can bring you energy to all area's of your life. It is always important to have a clear quartz crystal with you to enhance your life force energy. This doesnt have to be a large piece and can even be in a piece of jewelry.

Crystals can give you energy, healing, bring other energies and people into your life. It is in knowing how to combine the crystals to get the results you want. Juliana has studied crystal energy and crystal healing for over 20 years, let her knowledge help you without studying for years and years like she did. In just a short time you can learn the valuable information to enhance every area of your life.

Do you need specific energy, yet don't know which Crystal combinations to use? Contact Psychic Juliana, she can help you with Crystals and their combinations to bring the right energy in your life.

Psychic Juliana with her Clairvoyant abilities, Empathic energy that can help to tell you what others are feeling for you, and Spirit Guides Juliana can help light your path and bring you to a happier path.

Call or Text for your Appointment NOW.

My Psychic Solutions


Psychic Juliana

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