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Relationships and Issues

Putting the Past Behind You

When you start a relationship you have a one track mind...your boyfriend. When you break up you are unfortunately left with a one track mind...your ex-boyfriend.  So when you do put this all aside and start to only think of YOURSELF?
 You don't have to think about the past, the memories or what you perceive that your missing out on. It would be far better to be free than weighted down by a relationship that just didn't work. 

However after you are out of it, you don't seem to know how to really be free.

Relationship Doubts- Is this the Right Relationship for Me?

Relationship Doubts- Is this the Right Relationship for Me?

I wish I could have known that all my doubts and fears about whether I was smart enough, good enough or this was the "right" person, would melt away as I realized that only the people who get me, deserve me.
How many times do people doubt their relationships? How many times do people feel as it is something within them holding them back.  None of this is true, it is about meeting the right person at the right time.
If you are having doubts about your relationship, or where it is headed.

Is Your Old Toxic Relationship Affecting a New Relationship

Is Your Old Toxic Relationship Affecting Your New Relationship? 

Letting go and being happy.

Holding back a current relationship with hurt and pain from the past is always hard.
None the less, you must judge each relationship on it's own merit and on what the current person is doing, not by the pain and experience from the past relationship.

Putting a past relationship behind you firmly before you start a new one is always a good idea.
Sometimes this doesn't happen in just a day or a week.

Lies in a Relationship

In a relationship trust is a must!  Without trust you have nothing.

When people don't talk or communicate and there are lies between them it will pull what they do have apart. I hear people say  "We don’t talk", this is a symptom not a root cause. Finding the root cause of issues is the most important thing. Being in a relationship with somebody who lies is difficult.  It’s not that you don’t love them or care about them, it’s just that you can’t connect. This is always something you can work on if two people are willing to put in the effort to make things better.

Family Gatherings and Stress

Big family gatherings can fester emotional wounds, this time of year with two major Holiday's so close it's always somewhat of a tap dance trying to avoid what causes stressed moments between our guests and visitors. 
A famous Los Angeles psychologist has found through research that three quarters of us have at least one family member that annoys us.
Why is it that little jabs and barbs from friends seem harmless, yet from a relative it causes major battles? 
Freud may have explained it best, 

When Have You Stayed In A Relationship TOO LONG

When you are constantly asking yourself, how does this person feel, what will happen next, when there are more disappointments than happy days.

When you keep waiting for him to act like a Prince and he never did, it is time to move on.
If this isn't making You happy, what is the point?
It's time to let go of the fairy tale and face reality!!

Let Psychic Juliana look at where your Relationship is going.

MyPsychic Solutions   1-314-814-0154

Relationship Trouble Points

It is a rare thing that relationship doesn't run into a couple of setbacks. If you realize it ahead of time, however, you can head these problems off before they get to me major events that end the relationship.
Every relationship goes through stages and cycles. It is in learning to manage the bumps along the way that get you through the hard times.

Tackling problems with open and honest communications, putting the effort forward to really LISTEN to what your partner is saying.
Sometimes life's issues are complex however, they do not have to rule our relationships.

Get Out of Life What You Put Into It..This Includes Relationships!

A foolish person only thinks of the results, and is impatient for these results, without doing the work necessary to obtain good results.

For good results, you must put forth the right effort in your life. No exceptions. It is not always that perfect job will just fall into your lap or a new car, extra money, better relationship. There is always a trade-off of  doing more to receive more, to obtain the good results you desire. Ask for assistance from your Spirit Guides.   This also goes for others around you if they are NOT putting in the necessary effort with you, you can't achieve the relationship you need to have.

Cheating Can this Relationship be Saved?

It is possible to save your relationship or marriage. How important is your relationship to you?

We have probably all heard the statement that men tend to cheat just for sex and women cheat for emotional connection. People are spending
so much time at work these days and away from their relationships. Know through Juliana, her Spirit Guides and Clairvoyant abilities what is going on with your relationship.

During those work hours, they may share thoughts and feelings and emotions, With someone who gradually becomes more and sexually intriguing and desirable.

Comparing Your Partner to Others Can Damage Your Relationship

Comparing your partner to  someone else can damage and stress even the best relationship. Perhaps the way you do it can cause the real stress and conflict within the relationship.
It is natural to compare people to one another, friends partners, former partners, friends and even people we don't know very well. However, it is the words we use that can make all the difference.
Sometimes we will see ourselves comparing our partner and not realize that we are making this person feel demeaned within the relationship.

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