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Catd of the Day

Card of the Day- Tuesday 11/17/2015

Todays card of the Day is from the Healing with Fairies Angel deck by Doreen Virtue.  Todays card is the card:

Tuesday Card of the Day

Family Harmony:

Each of us affect other people in our lives, whether it is through expectations, conversations or actions. Have patience with one another, love each other and cherish the moments that you have had together.
This card asks that you remember reasons why you are greatful for the people in your life. If someone frustrates you, the Angels and Fairies in our lives asks us to remember why this person is worthy of love.

Card of the Day-Monday 11/16/2015

For the Card of the Day Today I selected the Healing With Angels deck of Angel Cards by Doreen Virtue.

Trust in Yourself..believe that Your Angels are right with you and they KNOW just what you need. Each minute of your day they are watching over you.  Ask your Angels and Spirit Guides to help you lose thefears that block progress in your life. Ask your Angels and Spirit Guides to help you enjoy your day and all that lay before you.
This card is your reminder that  there is a value

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