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Card of the day

Card of The Day- Six of The Wands

Card of the Day-Six of Wands

The Six of Wands depicts a man wearing a victory wreath around his head.
The wand held by the man also has a wreath tied to it, further emphasising success and achievement. He is not afraid to show off to others what he has accomplished in his life so far, and even better, the people around him cheer him along.

The Six of Wands is all about success, victory and public recognition. Not only have you succeeded in achieving your goals, you are now being publicly acknowledged for your efforts and your results.

Pay Attention Card of the Day-Saturday 12/12/15

Pay Attention Card of the Day-

Pay Attention-
Pay attention to signs around you as they come to you. These may be things you keep seeing repeating, numbers you see repeating, dreams that are repetitious, this can come in many ways to show things you need to know.
Your Spirit Guides send you messages in many different ways and it is important for you to pay attention to all of the messages that you receive.
Look for common theme's that you keep running across. It is not your imagination that these things keep being brought to your attention, it is messages of guidance that you need to pay attention.

Helpful Person Card of the Day 12/10/2015

Helpful Person Card of the Day-

Helpful Person- There is a person that can benefit from your help. Think about who that person can you help them. Look into you heart and reach out to that person now. You can be the bright light in someone else's day. 

If you need help with your questions and where you are going Psychic Juliana is here to help you come to resolutons in your life. 
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My Psychic Solutions
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Signs- Card of the Day- Wednesday 11/25/15

Signs Card of The Day- Wednesday 11/25/15
Healing with Angels

You have asked your Guides and Angels for Signs about the things going on in your life. The thing is paying attention to the SIGNS they are sending. It is in the little everyday things that these Signs come to you.
You have asked for a Sign and they will deliver the signs, just TRUST. Paying attention to the evidence of your Guides answers and Signs is very important.
When ever I draw this card I know without a doubt that my Angels are hard at work within my life and things are changing for the better.

Mother Healing Card of the Day-Tuesday Card of the Day

Mother Healing Card of the Day-
Tuesday Card of the Day 11/24/15

Mother Healing-
Everyone has days that are better than others with one's Mother. However your Mother is a part of your life that you will never be able to replace.  By this being today's card of the day, look within and see where you can foster the relationship with your Mother and make it better. Releasing old issues and moving toward a happy future, let this be true of other Mother figures in your life as well. By releasing old issues, helps you to move on to the happiest place in your life.

Manifestation Card of the Day Monday 11/23/15

Manifestation Card of the Day
Monday 11/23/15


Manifesting good things into your life is always important. It is always important to remember that what you put out there with energy comes back to you. So you want to be very careful of any negative words you put into the universe. '
Keep your words and your actions positive, and positive things return to you. Far too many times people put negative energy out into the universe and unfortunately the negative thoughts that they have manifest, instead of the positive they hoped for.

Crystals- Sunday Card of the Day

Crystals Sunday  Card of the Day
Angel Therapy Cards

Crystals are from the mineral kingdom, these powerful minerals
emit energy. They also magnify or bring energies to you.
For instance Rose Quartz and Pink Peruvian Opals bring love to you.
Peridot and Malachite bring money to you. Blue beryl brings safe travel.
There are so many crystals, that can bring you energy to all area's of your life. It is always important to have a clear quartz crystal with you to enhance your life force energy.

New Beginnings- Friday Card of the Day

New Beginnings= Friday Card of the Day
Healing with Angels Card Deck

New Beginnings-
Embrace change in your life even when it is difficult. Change can bring wonderful things into your life. Part of the change is always TRUST, however without trusting your Spirit Guides you can't have the greatest change.
Your Spirit Guides know what change you need, and they realize this can be frightening. However, they surround you and give you the stregnth you need to make positive change within your life.

Spiritual Growth-Thursday Card of the Day

Spirirtual Growth is Thursday's Card of the Day

Spiritual Growth-

Spiritual Growth can be a difficult thing because this means something different to each person. During Spiritual Growth you may feel confusion, excitement, fear and wonder. When you ask your Spirit Guides and Angels for assistance in your life the most important thing is TRUST.
Trusting that your Spirit Guides and Angels will bring what you need is growth.

If you have an area you are confused about or need assistance with any area of your life.

Card of the Day Wednesday 11/18/2015

Todays card of the day is from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Angel Deck by Doreen Virtue. The card for Wednesday is:


Your Guides and Angels are telling you to make a date for play
and for fun. Go with one or more friends and enjoy your time together even though we all have responsibilities, you will never regret spending time with friends and making lasting memories.
Laugh and open yourself up, show you can love and how lovable you are.  It is important to balance your schedule with obligations and some good old-fashioned companionship and activities with friends.

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