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Energy Vampires and You

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that when you are done you are left just completely exhausted?  You are just mentally and physically drained!
Perhaps it is that person at work that talks and talks and gives you no real time to say a lot as they relay each detail of their daily life drama. As the story is complete You notice they seem energized and they move on to the next person to tell this same story. This person is an ENERGY VAMPIRE! IT is wise for You to pull back from these daily Energy Draining conversations and these types of people in general.
 It is easiest to just politely excuse yourself. 
Some people choose to wear an amulet that guards against Energy Drains, Labradorite is an excellent crystal to guard against such Energy Draining experiences. Other crystals to guard against Energy Drains are Citrine, and Black Obsidian which you can carry the crystals with you even in your pocket, if you do not have them in pendant form.
Psychic Juliana is here for you to help you with understanding the energies and motivations of others around you. With her Clairvoyant,
Empathic abilities she can read the energies of others around you and their intentions Through her Spirit Guides she can see into others energies and motivations around you.  Juliana invites you to see where Your at today and where You are headed. Even through the assistance of the Tarot if requested combined with Juliana's Spirit Guides she can get an accurate reading of others around you.

Happy Samhain- Protect Yourself from Energy Vampires!
Have a  great and safe Samhain holiday weekend.

My Psychic Solutions

In love and light
Psychic Juliana

2 Comments to Energy Vampires and You:

Comments RSS on Monday, November 06, 2017 8:06 AM
Energy vampires and you conversation with someone that when you are done you are left just completely exhausted. The great way for the more and impressive understanding the energies and motivations always.
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Matthew on Friday, November 24, 2017 1:31 AM
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