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Get Out of Life What You Put Into It..This Includes Relationships!

A foolish person only thinks of the results, and is impatient for these results, without doing the work necessary to obtain good results.

For good results, you must put forth the right effort in your life. No exceptions. It is not always that perfect job will just fall into your lap or a new car, extra money, better relationship. There is always a trade-off of  doing more to receive more, to obtain the good results you desire. Ask for assistance from your Spirit Guides.   This also goes for others around you if they are NOT putting in the necessary effort with you, you can't achieve the relationship you need to have.

Sometimes it is networking, or continually looking for that perfect job to fit your situation, putting more effort into your Relationship to make your partner feel more loved and secure.

When you are in need of something like a new job, do not quit looking until you KNOW you have the right one, being offered to you. Your Spirit will FEEL this!  There are times when a better position is coming and it just isn't here quite yet, this is why you have not seen an offer from another place you are really interested in.

Without the proper foundation, you can not achieve lofty results in life. The foundation is the work you put forth to  make things happen for you. This is not to say that something really amazing won't just fall into your life, these things do happen, without a doubt. However, always know that anything worth having is worth working for.  The SMARTER you work the more you achieve, and the more you will feel fulfilled and happy. Remembering that you have probably heard a hundred times or more in your  life that there is no such thing as "something for nothing,"  the thing you need to show is effort. Within relationships, career, family and in all aspects of a successful life.

If you need answers about where your life path is going, book your Psychic Reading with Juliana to get the clarity and guidance you seek.
With direct answers and compassion, Juliana will help you find your path through her Spirit Guides, Clairvoyant abilities, and Empathic senses, in all areas of your life questions.

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Reply to comment on Thursday, August 16, 2018 3:01 AM
There are so many things to encounter in a relation for which you should be having in mind at the mean time. Still I am sure to say that it has been all about the things that are concern with the other person.
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