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Everyone has Blonde Moments

Well I've figured  out we all have blonde moments on certain days.  Today was my day, I suppose. Last week my Daughter and I were walking through the mall
and she asked about a baby's birthday. I thought the topic was unusual, but I listened patiently. Until I had to stop her and ask did you REALLY just say that?
She asked when a baby had its first birthday and second birthday. Did the 9 months in Utero count towards their birthday. I immediately laughed at my 15 year old daughter, I laughed so hard I could barely stop. She just looked at me. I told her that the day the baby was born was called their birthday for a reason. I was quite shocked she hadn't already realized this as she is turning 16 very shortly.
Which brings me to  today and my own blonde moment. For months people have been asking me did I see the comments on my website that they had left. Every time I looked I didn't see what anyone had said. I wondered for over two years where these comments were going. I figured there must be some sort of Cyber Space box that was filling up and surely someday they would appear. Well today is that day. They appeared.!! I came to the website as I do every few days, Just to check and see if things are okay. Since somehow I had over 10,000 errors on the site about a month ago. That's another whole story, I noticed this place that I suppose I have never really paid attention to being busy with so many appointments. There it was all along, I needed to click a button I never saw before that simply said "Publish".  I decided to see what it was about today. all of a sudden my screen lit up like a slot machine and there were many beeps. All the comments
that were sent over the months were suddenly all trying to register at the same time. I'm thinking this is my blonde day and my daughter who is an IT wizard would be laughing at me today since I never paid attention to this simple step that was right there in plain view.
We all have our strength's and weaknesses, I believe my lesson today was perhaps I shouldn't have laughed at my daughter's innocent question, because today she could be laughing at me.  Which brings to mind that we all need
to be careful to treat others as we want them to treat us.
Have a wonderful safe Memorial Day weekend where ever this finds you, and know that I am here if you need my assistance at any time. I  work on Holidays, and it is never a problem.  Problems and concerns in our lives don't take a Holiday just because the calendar happens  to say Memorial Day Weekend.
In love and light,

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