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Master the Law of Attraction

March 16, 2009
Master the Law of Attraction
Attracting what you want in life requires the simple output of positive energy mixed with pure intentions. This is the simple Law of Attraction on which all human interaction operates. But this is not a law that is as easy to harness as it is to understand. The Law of Attraction is a simple philosophy, but human beings are exquisitely complicated animals.
The most important thing to assist you in manifesting what you want is to be perfectly clear about what you want. The Law of Attraction might deliver inaccurate results if your vision is not specific and clear.
Here are some simple, fun exercises that, when repeated, help assist you in gaining clarity about what it is you really want to attract.
Gratitude Paper
At a quiet place in your house or apartment, have a stack of paper and a couple of pens, pencils and crayons of different colors. Each day, take ten minutes to write about something you have for which you are grateful. Fill the paper up with words and pictures. This is not a literature or art contest, so draw and write for yourself. Keep your Gratitude papers in a stack. On occasion, address an envelope to yourself. Without looking, take three or four pages from the middle of the stack, fold them up and mail them to yourself. You are literally delivering gratitude to your mailbox. The universe will replicate this energy and bring you things about which you can be grateful. You must practice being grateful to properly receive that which the universe can bring.
By emphasizing being grateful for what we have, we create an abundant life that only needs specific things for mild improvement.
Positive Friends
Hanging out with a crowd whose motto is "Life Sucks" will not allow much positive energy to flow to you from the universe. People might kill your dreams when you discuss them simply by telling you why you are wrong to dream that way. An old loyalty or relationship is thus reinforced and your life becomes about a dream deferred.
In life be sure to surround yourself with positive people and attitudes. Clear away any negative people who send out bad energy by their comments, opinions and general attitude. Bad attitudes and the negative energy they produce are not always easy to spot. A person who nicely but constantly insists that there shouldn't be winners and losers in the world might seem like a well-meaning person, but if you intend to go into a competitive field, this seemingly benign attitude could be blocking the universe from giving you a way to win.
While bigotry is not illegal, it is offensive. Being around a bigot and this person's influence is bad enough, but the whole energy of a bigot is that you must confine your success and what the universe gives you to a specific group of people. Bigots insist that one never allow the free success and positive energy of the whole world population to come into your life and assist you in getting what you want.
Positive friends support you for who you are and what you can give to the universe regardless of what you get. Meeting these people and spending time with them immediately breaks the barriers that negative friends and their attitudes build up to block attracting success.
Hero Worship
A hero gives us values to live up to and confidence that success can occur with vision. Knowing the lives of great people who gave the world something can give your life meaning and inspire you to shape the world in your image.

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